Biofeedback-Quantum Resonance Magnetic Body Health Analyzer

The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Body Health Analyzer is an instrument that assesses the systems of the body.  It consists of a full body exam in which data is collected from various body systems simply by holding a sensor in your hand for one minute.  The analyzer can capture the pathological changes of cells and predict the precursor of disease.  The report is a detailed look into the condition of the entire body which will aid clinical practitioners in your treatment.

How Does It Work?

The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Body Health Analyzer works by holding a sensor in the palm of your hand.  It collects the weak magnetic frequency and energy of the human body.  The electromagnetic waves emitted from cells of the human body represent the specific health conditions: good health, sub-health and diseases.  The collected data is compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum of diseases, nutrition, and other indicators incorporated in the instrument that gives you and your doctor a comprehensive report.


  • Quick analysis of health condition
  • Non-invasive
  • Helps to uncover the onset of major diseases, leading to early preventative treatment
  • Provides a comprehensive health report that will be beneficial to you and your practitioner

39 Areas Are Tested


     Gastrointestinal/Large Intestine



                   Brain Nerve

                   Blood Sugar

     Trace Elements/Heavy Metals

                  Human Toxin

          Amino Acid/Coenzyme

                   Fatty Acids

             Endocrine System

              Immune System


 Gynecology/Breast/Menstrual Cycle




           Obesity/Blood Lipids

And many more...